Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tartufo, our cat.

This is about a cat of ours, who is about as old as they get, if not older. If he was a human, I would have a lot of respect for him, as the saying says you must respect your elders. And that is what he is. And his name is Tartufo (or Tufo for short), named after the Italian dessert.
Tufo’s previous owners, some friends of ours, got him shortly before their eldest son was born. Their son was born in July 1995, and I was born in November the same year. They got Tufo as a kitten, and gave him to us when they emigrated to Australia in 2003. So we have had him for nearly eight years, making Tufo near 16 years old.

But the amazing thing about him is that he is as fit and healthy as many other cats. He can still jump up onto chairs and beds, he will run if frightened, and shows no sign of rheumatism or any other illness. He is a very sweet cat and ‘talks’ to us if we talk to him. He loves tuna and chicken, and can smell it cooking, and will cry for some until you give him some. He is not a fighting cat, but sometimes one of our other cats, Caticus, will jump at him or bat at him with a paw. He also doesn’t hunt or stalk small animals.

Here he is 'talking' to me.
He has a lovely colouring of white and cream, and he is part Persian. He loves to be petted, especially scratched on the head and his ears rubbed, and likes to sleep on peoples beds, but not often mine.
In short, he is a lovely, quiet, but aged feline.

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  1. He looks like a cute cat(like his name too)!

    We also have an 'aged' cat, named "Socks". He's ginger with white paws and I got him as a kitten when I was 1 year old and he was 8 weeks old, so this July he'll be 15.
    He also loves tuna and chicken ( and anything dairy!) :)


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