Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Friendly Frogs and Wierd Worms

On the 5th of February we went to a party at some friends of ours, and while we were there I found a bull frog.
I put it in a butter tub with some sand and water and decided to take it home.
When we got home I put it in a new tub that was bigger than the first one. We tried to get it an aquarium but we could not find one of suitable size. I looked around for something to put it in and found nothing but an unused cat litter tray. It was still new and my mom was a bit unsure but after a while she decided to let me use it .
I have had my Frog for ten days now feeding him on earthworms and dead flies that I kill with our electric fly swatter. I either hold them in my fingers or with a tweezers. He first takes some time to aim and then he lunges at it, grabs it in his mouth and swallows it whole.He is about as big as the tip of my thumb but he will grow bigger than two man’s hands together. Click here to see some pictures of adult bullfrogs.


  1. Let me guess...you caught it in Frik and Jacques' house, right? It's really cute! The baby ones, that is...by the way, your link didn't work, maybe you should try again.

    Have fun with your baby bull frog Daniel! =D


  2. Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for visitin' my blog :0)

    I like the pictures of the bull-frog. Sometimes we catch frogs here in Washington. Mostly green tree frogs. Sometimes we keep them for awhile in a bucket or an aquarium. We put in water and grass and sticks and places to be dry. We feed them little crickets. Sometimes we keep them for a few days!

    Nice to meet you,

    Whizz Buzz Boy


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