Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun on the farm.

Yesterday we went to visit some friends on their farm in Benoni. We originally were just going for tea, but ended up having supper there. While we were there,we had a mud fight, packing mud into balls and throwing it at the enemies' team, but unfortunately we didn't get any photos of it. They have a dam on their farm,but the recent rain made it flood, washing away a boat of theirs, the paddles for the boat and a small bridge. Due to this, we couldn't go on the dam, but we had other fun, such as playing 'Stuck in the mud'. During the afternoon, we saw an owl in a tree and identified it as a Barn Owl. Soon after flying to the tree, it looked like it fell asleep. It wasn't very big, but very cute with cream coloured feathers. After dusk we tried to catch bats with a net, but we couldn't.

Here is a photo of the owl:


  1. Typical Nathan...typical...=D
    And I suppose Eden also joined in the mud fight? =P Somehow I don't really believe that she did, but anyway...

    In Christ,

  2. Yes, of course Eden joined in. It started when our one friend threw mud at us, and we threw acorns back at him, but then it turned to mud. It was really fun(Even though dirty)!


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